With integrity, innovation, and dedication to quality, Zak Dirt Inc. builds heavy/highway construction projects that shape our communities. Public agencies and private entities have trusted Zak Dirt’s proven record of high performance, safety, regional expertise, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility since 1976. We are family owned, and our professional, pride-driven culture empowers Zak Dirt employees and contractors – your friends and neighbors – to achieve outstanding project results that help communities thrive.

Our Values


We expect every Zak Dirt employee and contractor to demonstrate a commitment to personal and professional integrity. We know that our work, and the way we do it, directly impacts the communities where we live and we’re proud of the company we keep.


Drawing on deep experience and expertise, Zak Dirt identifies efficiency- and quality-driven solutions for project challenges. We are always looking for ways to improve and adapt, evaluating “tried and true” methods against proactive new ideas.


Safety for our employees, contractors, owners, and the community is our highest priority. Zak Dirt exceeds standard requirements to ensure that our projects are completed with uncompromised attention to safety.

Dedication to Quality

Zak Dirt maintains a strong reputation for success-driven performance across the heavy/highway construction industry and the general public. Our mission is our dedication to quality – in workmanship, people, and results. Learn more about our projects and awards.


For Zak Dirt, integrity means doing what’s right; it’s “The Zak Way.” We hold ourselves to a higher standard of accountability & work ethic, driven by a company-wide commitment to integrity.

Eco Responsibility

Zak Dirt’s commitment to environmental responsibility boils down both compliance and proactive common sense. We are in compliance with the Colorado Air Pollution Control Division and the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment and we meet the EPA’s “Best Management Practices.” We also choose to employ strategies and technologies that accelerate schedules, prevent mistakes, control erosion, and reduce environmental impact.