Resilient St. Vrain City Reach

Zak Dirt was contracted to improve the resiliency of the St. Vrain River while constructing many of the amenities for the future Dickens Farm Park. The project includes 300,000 yards of earthwork, 20,000 tons of boulder drop structures and the construction of a family-friendly tubing run, new pump station to irrigate the park.

Location: Longmont, CO
Owner: City of Longmont
Contract Amount: $12,200,000.00
Start Date: 1/31/2017
Completion Date: 2/28/2018

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Project Updates:

Fluctuating river levels has prolonged landscape next to the river by two weeks. Much of the site has been seeded and blanketed, and more than a hundred thousand wetland plants planted. Landscaping work will continue until July 4th, at which time we should be ready to apply for substantial completion.

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Resilient Saint Vrain Project is busy seeding, mulching, blanketing, and planting 84 acres of river corridor.

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With warmer weather arriving, the Resilient Saint Vrain Project is back in action installing soil amendments, seed, erosion blanket, and landscape boulders. Soon we will be begin planting 175,000 plants along the river bank as part of the river restoration.

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As always, weather or encountering unknown conditions may cause unforeseen delays to the construction schedule. Every effort will be made to inform you and keep you apprised of changes.